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Our Firm also deals with matters related to Arbitration. Our Partners have international training and qualifications in Arbitration with Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, ADR-ODR International and SOAS, London. We deal with arbitration cases referred by the court and also have private commercial clients who require arbitrators. We have vast experience working on commercial and corporate cases and consequently, many of our commercial clients also require dispute resolution services including arbitration.


“Arbitration is essentially a very simple method of resolving disputes. Disputants agree to submit their disputes to an individual whose judgment they are prepared to trust. Each puts its case to this decision maker, this private individual—in a word, this ‘arbitrator’. He or she listens to the parties, considers the facts and the arguments, and makes a decision. That decision is final and binding on the parties—and it is final and binding because the parties have agreed that it should be, rather than because of the coercive power of any state. Arbitration, in short, is an effective way of obtaining a final and binding decision on a dispute, or series of disputes, without reference to a court of law (although, because of national laws and international treaties such as the New York Convention, that decision will generally be enforceable by a court of law if the losing party fails to implement voluntarily).” (Blackaby, Nigel. Redfern and Hunter on International Arbitration. Oxford ; New York :Oxford University Press, 2009)

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