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Malik Zahid Aslam Awan

Senior Partner

Zahid Aslam Awan has been practicing as a lawyer since 2001. His areas of expertise includes civil, criminal and corporate law. After a remarkable journey of keen and conscious practice in the High Court, he ascended as Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan in 2015. In addition to his professional services as an advocate, he remained an executive member of the Lahore High Court Bar in 2005 and 2008 and executive member of the Tax Bar Association in 2015/2016. He has actively upheld the sovereignty and autonomous prevalence of rule of law in its entirety throughout his professional career, which is well exhibited in his professional achievements and associations. He is consistently praised by both clients and judges alike as a “phenomenon” for his very strong courtroom skills and an encyclopedic knowledge of Pakistani case law. He has had a role in developing local jurisprudence in numerous areas of the law and has a number of reported judgements to his credit. He is also a well known writer and commentator on public issues and over the years, has authored various books namely; Manual of Trademarks Laws, Manual of Anti-Corruption Laws, High Court Rules and Orders (Criminal) and Police Rules. He is also legal advisor to a number of notable government bodies (ies), Bank(s) as well as private organizations which includes Lahore Development Authority, National Bank of Pakistan, Fazal Sons Match Industries, Aftab Group of Industries and ZAMCO Traders respectively.